Trust is a healthy combination of self-doubt and the courage to risk. It is directly opposed to both self-centerded arrogance which runs roughshod over other people and the kind of self-distrust which cripples human development. By giving us the courage to risk, trust shapes our response to experiences of our lives. We can see its creative energy in the lives of men and women.
                      . . . . . . from Making Life Choices by Margaret Betz

Trust in God......

The trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others (the group).

In faith: complete confidence in a person or group.

The social relationship between people. It involves the suspension of disbelief that one person will have towards another person or idea. It especially involves having one person thinking that the other person or group is benevolent, competent/ good or honest and true.

An attitude of caring for and accepting individuals or a group as a separate person, having worth in there own right and belief that the person is somehow fundamentally trustworthy.


Obedience behavior intended to please, like : “Honor your mother and father.”

Showing regard as a feeling of friendship and esteem.

An attitude of admiration.


Close warm friendship.

Intimacy is the basis of friendship and one of the bases of love.

A feeling of emotional or spiritual closeness


We are born into this world as children of God and are unconditionally accepted by Him. However, we are born into a judgemental: a conditional world. We put on social mask to bury our authentic selves in attempts to be accepted by other humans. This may cause us to become estranged from ourselves and others, but not from God. His loving acceptance is unconditional. As a small group leader we need to try hard to accept others as they are, where they are, with out trying to heal, fix or transform them as this is God’s task.

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