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A 7-day Retreat to Experience Silence and Community
in Sarita Texas

When I am silent, I hear my true self and reach my soul.
When I am silent, I hear with a caring heart."
                                       . . . . . Thomas Merton

You are invited to a 7-day retreat in Sarita, Texas to learn about and experience community and silence.

Throughout the ages, spiritual guides have spoken of the need to make time for inner reflection and self-knowing -- for retreat. This week offers such a time, an opportunity to be attentive to the mystery of God's presence and explore core questions. What are the deep longings of the heart? And, how do they differ from superficial desires? What are the elements of an abundant, spirited life, --in touch with God, self, and others?

Often in silence our special needs surface and give us new perspective about life. This retreat is a spiritual journey that takes place both in solitude and in community with others. We learn by experience. The retreat is structured to give participants times of silence and opportunities for sharing as a group. We will spend time together the first evening with a brief orientation and an
opportunity to begin getting to know one another. From there we will move into three days of silence and then integrate as a group in the last three days to reflect and build community together.

Lebh Shomea is an Ecumenical Catholic Silent Retreat Center near Sarita, Texas. Its beautiful grounds and peaceful wooded walking trails -- along with the work of the resident community -- create an atmosphere conducive to prayer and introspection. Silence is observed at all times, except in our group gatherings. Accommodation is in individual rooms or cabins with private bath; meals are simple and nourishing. Participants are welcome to borrow books from the extensive library and are encouraged to take part in the Center's daily morning service.

Chapel of Little Children -Lebh Shomea

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A facilitator has volunteered to facilitate our time together. He is a group dynamics and communications specialist and has helped organize numerous groups. His specialty is bringing the emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspect of people into balance through authentic communications. Dr. Cecil Osborne, PhD and Dr. M. Scott Peck MD gave him his formal training in 1974 and 1986. He has facilitated workshops in many countries with The Foundation For Community Encouragement, Quest For Community, Yokefellows, Lifeline - Contact International, and Serendipity as well as several consulting firms in the U.S. and Australia. He has been married for 47 years and has nine grandchildren.

Big House at Lebh Shomea Retreat Center

Where: Lebh Shomea Retreat near Sarita, in far South Texas
(Fly into Harlingen or Corpus Christi Texas, rides will be arranged to take you to the Retreat Center)

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Leave: Sunday (date)

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 "Silence requires the discipline to recognize the urge to get up and go again as a temptation to look elsewhere for what is close at hand. It offers the freedom to stroll in your own inner yard, and to rake up the leaves there and clear the paths so you can easily find the way to your heart. Perhaps there will be much fear and uncertainty when you first come upon the "unfamiliar terrain", but slowly and surely you will discover an order and familiarity which deepens your longing to stay home....... whenever you come upon this silence, it seems as though you have received a gift, one which is "promising" in the true sense of the word. It promises new life. It is the silence of peace and prayer, because it brings you back to the One who is leading you."              . . . . . . . . . Henri Nouwen

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