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This story can be used to let people know they have gifts they are not aware of yet.

The Owl's Gift to a Boy
a story for small group dynamics

This is a story of a little boy that liked to walk in the woods.

One day as he was walking he came upon a beautiful white owl with its leg caught in a branch.

The owl said to the boy, "Boy my leg is caught in a branch. If you will free my leg, I will give you a special gift."

The boy said, "Owl I will gladly free your leg".

So the boy released the owl's leg from the branch and the owl flew off.

The boy walked on and came to a cow and said, "Hi cow".

The cow said, "Hi boy, how are you today."

The boy said, "I just freed an owl from a tree and the owl gave me a great gift. I think the owl gave me the gift of talking to animals."

The cow said, "Didn't you say the owl asked you to free his leg?"

"Yes" said the boy.

Then the cow said, "Then owl must have given you another gift."

With this the boy flew away

                          - - - Author unknown If you know the author, please write and tell me.

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