Small Group Dynamics
share groups - ongoing community groups

The purpose of these articles is to provide guidelines for building healthy ongoing "share" groups that experience a sense of community. In coming weeks, resource articles for forming and maintaining such groups will be added.

A Short Definition:

A small group is one where a group of people commit to meet together periodically to share their lives with each other in authentic communication. In doing so, each person can grow and learn from the others as well as contribute meaning to the group. This can inclued a nember of different kinds of small groups, ongoing communities, learning communities, and school groups.


Ongoing share groups can provide a safe place to practice how to live with each other and learning about yourself. Consider the meetings as a laboratory of life experiences, communicated to each other and to yourself in a "trial and error" process. This process can allow you to learn how to communicate effectivly when you recongize you may have not communited properly and try it again a different way.

Groups can have a number of different goals, but they must include learning to accept and transcend differences regardless of the diversity of individual backgrounds (social, spiritual, educational, ethnic, economic, political, etc.) To communicate authentically and openly while working toward group goals identified as being for the common good. In time, a group can learn how to drop their pretenses, overcome obstacles and reach out to help or emotionally support one another and, in the process, find surprising strength, tolerance and acceptance. This phenomenon is called a "collective spirit", that emerges during a crisis, or community. Building community takes time, commitment and caring about each other.
Such groups can be Learning Communitues where the participants learn about a profession, a team goal, or other subjects while being an authentic community.


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AdditionalTopics to be added will include:

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