The pictures of people on the following pages were in hurricane Katrina. Most probably lost everything they had based on their addresses. One email to me said: "we (self & son) are in Memphis for the moment -- homeless, jobless and trying to absorb what this means -we have our lives and health and are thankful for that.... "

A community building workshop was held in New Orleans LA on July 28 - 29-30. It was sponsored by Turning Point Partners and Touro Hospital of New Orleans. Forty people attended. Of these, 32 were from the Louisiana youth correctional facility at Bridge City LA. They were mainly the educational staff.

At the end of the second day, the group divided into small groups to do a Barriers to Community (Communication) exercise. The following pages contain photos of the skits that resulted from this exercise. It was a fun and they learned about their personal barriers to community.

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