"Example" Mask

The mask above is overdone to show a number of examples for training purposes. A "normal" mask would not have this many items. The following are words I might say about the example to a group to give them ideas of how to do a mask. Some in the group may copy what you do, but they need an example before they start the task. This is a composite of several masks I made in the past.

1. My "Little Professor" hat with its BS degree. Sometimes I have a need to show how "smart" I am. And if you ask me about something, I may tell you 10 times more than you want to know and it usually is not BS.

2. My "Red Cross" hat. I like to fix people and try not to do it, but do it anyway too frequently.

3. My all hearing ear (complete with hearing aid). I am a good listener, but can listen more than I should for my own good. The other ear is busy listing to my internal process.

4. My scars and tears hidden (I hope) with band aids so you can't se them.

5. My mouth of anxiety that will sometimes talk and talk and talk without regard to others that may need me to listen.

6. More of the "Little Professor to remind myself that I don't need that role in my life.

7. My zipper mouth that sometimes stays shut in shyness or perhaps because I can't remember a name. And sometimes it just stays shut because I have nothing good to say about what is going on.

8. My shyness that is sometimes there and I hope you will not see it.

9. My two very different eyes. One is wide open and very normal and the other is cross wise because I sometimes see the world with a different vision than others.

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