Participants in some community building workshops make up songs about their experience. This is one of those songs.


Pseudocommunity, We have a lot of fears,
Pseudocommunity, We're tryn' to ease our fears,
I gotta tell the truth, Truth is I'm bored to tears!

Now everybody's upset. Tell me what did I do?
Some folks are mad at me, I'm jumpin'otta my shoes,
I wanna run away, I got the Chaos Blues!

But I ain't goona run and I ain't goona hide,
No I ain't gonna run cus there's no where to hide,
Gonna pull my armor off and let ya see inside.

And now my heart can fly, I'm in community
I've broken all the chains and set the captive free ----
I love you so so much, Not matter what you think o'me!

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