Organizations That Have Experienced Community Building Workshops and/or training With Hampton and Associates Facilitation

A State Psychiatric Management Group - Virginia

ACT Academy of Lewisville -- Texas

Airbus Aircraft - Hamburg Germany

American Express - Florida

Austin Comes Together (a civic group) - Texas

Austin Independent School District - Texas

Australian Community Development - Melbourne Australia

Carlisle Motors (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Dealership) - Florida

Centrepoint Community - New Zealand

Christ Methodist Church - New York City

Church Universal - Montana

Component Industries Manufacturing - Melbourne Australia

Community School Partnership of Holland School District - Michigan

Dallas Jesuit College Preparatory School for Boys - DallasTexas

First Methodist Church - Georgia

International Association of Facilitators - International

Kansas City ISD - Missouri

Kemper Road Swedenborgian Church - Illinois

Kubel Foundation for Children and Family - three locations in Germany

Nutrasweat - Illinois

Montana Association of Churches - Montana

Siemens Data Group - Munich Germany

State Youth Correctional Facility of Lousisiana -New Orleans LA. (both youth and staff)

St. Luke's Methodist Church - Indiana

Turning Point Partners (a restorative justice organization) - Louisiana

Many others can not be listed because of confidentiality of their organization

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