The illustration above shows progressive building blocks for relationships. All meaningfull relationships must start on the Primary level then progressivly move up to the next level.

RULE 1. Work on the primary level till all three blocks are sufficiently developed before going on to the next level. If these three can not be developed, then do not go on to the next level . Stop and find another relationship and begin again.


Do I like this person(s) enough to become personal with them?

Can I grant the other person the benefit of the doubt?

Am I going to extend my person to gain mutual respect and trust?

Will I attempt to share my deep thoughts, feelings, and dreams?


Do I really know this person ?

Will they honor my intentions ?

Can they accept our differences and honor them - me ?


Is this person trustworthy?

Will they keep their word?

Can they follow through with action on what we want together?

Do they have the strength, character, and ability to gain and keep my confidence?


To develop Willingness and Trust, allow the other person to know your deep thought, feeling and dreams.

To develop Trust and Respect, be honest. Trust and respect typically "just happen" or they don't. They are responses, not behaviors. Honesty is a behavior.

To develop Willingness, Trust and Respect, work to identify and disclose your needs, wants and wishes. Work to attempt to meet the needs of the other person as the other person defines them.

Also see this page for definitions of trust, respect, intimacy, and acceptance. (click here)