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Jerry Hampton, author of this website is now 84 years old. He retired from doing the Community Building workshops in 2010 because he had enough travel in his life. He continues to do considerable small group work close to where he lives, as well as some consulting of small businesses. If you want to know more about Jerry's background, click here:
Jerry L. Hampton

This is an index of group exercises and writings for group dynamics. They can be used or adapted for many types of groups. Some exercises are done individually but processed in the larger group. There are also poems, stories, wisdom, and discussions that can be helpful with group dynamics. No articles are known to be copyrighted except by the site owner and one article copyrighted by Time Inc. You may make one copy of any item for your own use or multiple copies for educational use with credit given the website. Please write if you desire to use articles in any published work.

There are presently 88 different resources which is about 75% developed as of October 2007. About 85,000 people have experienced some of these exercises through Hampton and Associates.

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Discovering Norms in Groups
Often people in groups are not aware of the unwritten rules that govern group behaviou. This exercise allows participants to look at the Norms and make changes to those that are unhealthy for the group.

Roleplay for Groups -a group dynamics exercise    (Oct. 2, 2006)
Tells how to do roleplay with groups -presents a number of roles found in groups. This helps groups and individuals understand how roles impact group dynamics and allows individuals to discover roles them may play in groups without really knowing it.

Ice Breakers, Warmups, Energizers, and Motivators For Groups   (Oct. 6, 2006) 
14 different exercises that have all been used in groups. Many of these can
be adapted to special use.

Barriers To Communications Exercise (June 13, 2009)
(This is the number one article viewed on this site. The exercise allows individuals to discover their barriers to communications with others and to find ways to transform behavior for better communications. A main barrier is expectations followed by listening barriers and many others.)

Meetings -An Alternative to work
This is a poster I found in a business somewhat funny depending on your perspective.

Quaker Questions - Group Exercise
This exercise has been used over the years in groups for people to help get started in a small group and can be very effective.

How to Listen Exercise (Aug-2-2004)
This exercise teachs people how to listern far better than they normally do. It teaches how to set aside personal agenda to fully hear another without judgement or the need to give advice.

A Mask Exercise
All people wear mask to some degree and most wear at least 5 masks. This exercise has people draw one or more mask they wear and discuss it with the group. This exercise has been transformational for a number of people --three examples are given.

My Example Mask

Automatic Talking - No Listening
A fun exercise that teaches an important lesson about active listening.

Group Dynamics in Nature Exercise
An exercise that takes advantage of the beauty of nature to "let go" of everyday life chaos.


My Prostate Cancer(January 31, 2011)
A first person account of how Jerry Hampton is winning against cancer.
This article may save your life.

Building Relationships -A Model for Individuals or Groups
(Illustrates steps and stages of relationships)

Search for Common Ground
"Man will know that for all men to be alike is the death of life in man, and yet perceive harmony that transcends all diversities and in which diversity finds its richness and significance." ( More by Howard Thurman)

Clients List --

Communications --Listening With Your Body(June 15, 2009)
Your body can say considerable to a person without you knowing it!!!!

Who Looks at this web site and what do they look at most? (Aug. 21, 2004) This has a large list of organizations that have looked at this website including my universities and businesses.

Trust, Respect, Intimacy and Acceptance (May 3, 2006)
Several definitions of each of these and criteria of how they interact.

BIBLIOGRAPHY of BOOKS --Community Building and Small Groups

The Community Building Process [Describes the four stages of community] This is a long, detailed description of the CB process. This is from the book: "The Fire of Large Groups", chapter titled: Exploration of personal interspace.

The Community Building Process Illustrated

Community in the Classroom by Ralph Wells --How To Build it 

Community Definitions

Community Building Workshop Guidelines
Two different list of 8 and 12 guidelines used in a CB

Community Building Introduction - A How To

Genuine Consensus Defined

One Man's Experience in his First Community Building Workshop

Principles of Community

Community Building Outcomes Listing

Tribute to Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.
Written in memory of Dr. Peck by a number of people

Community Building Facilitation Discussion


God's Garden for Growth for Small Groups
An illustration showing elements needed for growth

Small Groups Dynamics
15 different Frequently Asked Questions Answered   [Oct. 2, 2006]

About Ongoing - Share Groups, An Index (Oct. 3, 2006)

Small Group Facilitation -Basics   (May 3, 2006)

Reason to Belong to a Small Group
Results of a survey of people about their experience in small groups.


Letting Go (a poem)

An Old Ladies Poem
Do you have some one in a nursing home? Read this poem

You Are Four (he who knows)   


Reality by Gary Zukav

Road_Not_Taken (a poem)

The Mask I Wear (a poem)

Old Chinese Verse (about leadership)

Community Blues Song


My Calendar on 9-11-2001
Men have gone mad with power. Hitler, Mussolini, Marcos, Noriega, and many others have been corrupted by the very power they lusted for........ (More)

Pictures Of New Orleans Workshop Skits  
(held July 28 - 30, 2005 note -all these people were impacted by the hurricane Katrina. Many lost everything !)

The Time To Love IS Short (a picture)




STORIES and Wisdom For Use in Group Dynamics

Why Use Stories or Poems?

Two Wolves

My Unique Brokenness
by Henri J. M. Nouwen

A Sufi Tale of Transformational Change

On Being Authentic by Abraham Maslow   

Life Is Difficult by M. Scott Peck   

Rabbi's Story of Simplicity

Lessons From Geese

Frankenstein The Monster
(a story of love and acceptance)

The Owl's Gift To The Boy
(a story that offers empowerment)

Limabean Stories (male and female voice)

A Life With Purpose (about passion in life) 

Velveteen Rabbit (about being real)


The Rabbi's Gift (Different Drum Version)

The Rabbi's Gift (Different Drum Version)
 (Shortened by 25%)

The Rabbi's Gift (Version With a Twist)

The Rabbi's Gift (Modernized Version)

The Rabbi's Gift (A Jewish Version)

The Rabbi's Gift (Illustrated)

Try this one, its different, but very nice! (click)


The Silent Sermon

Is Love A Four Letter Word?
(by Rev. Jim Eller of Kansas City)

Tending to One Another  
(by Charles Blustein Ortman)

Salvation Where You'd Least Expect It
(By Rev. John Spicer (Uses the Rabbi's Gift)

Sermon Resulting from a Community Building Workshop
(By Peter Renner of New Zealand)

ON SILENCE . . . . . .

Deep Thoughts of Silence
(by a student of Henri Nouwen)

Simple Silence
(by Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

On Silence by Thomas Merton

On Silence by Henri Nouwen

The Eloquent Sounds of Silence (a poem)

A Community Building Workshop in Silence (mostly)


Trinity Presbyterian Preschool (link)
Believe in Family
Wilderdorm Group Dynamics (A great source for info) (link)
Community Building in Britain CBIB (link)


  • Stories of personal transformation resulting from group participation (see one at the end of the article here (CLICK)

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