The Community Building Process Illustrated to Show Three Different Situations

The Community Building Process

There are four overlapping circles illustrating the four stages of community development. The 13 segments within the circles represent different developement states that may be experienced by individuals as the process evolves. Individuals and the group transition in and out of the stages until a critical mass moves more and more into the stage of community. The group may repeat this cycle a number of times depending on time available.

Being In Community

Note there are three circles within a larger all-encompassing circle. Being in community, a healthy group continues to experience the stages of Pseudocommunity, Chaos, and Emptiness. This illustrates that true community contains all stages.
In community, people have learned to negotiate and embrace each stage with authenticity. They also can deal with difficult issues in a more civil and respectful manner.

Counter Community

In Counter Community the Chaos circle is the most predominant and Pseudocommunity is substantial. Emptiness circle is the least. Community is not very predominant because of a lack of Emptiness. The only way to community is through emptiness. Many groups try to organize themselves out of Chaos without sufficient Emptiness and this does not work.

All groups: a couple, a family, a church, a business etc. experience the four stages of community to some degree in their relationships. Most groups do not experience much, if any, emptiness. Emptiness is a form of letting go of what keeps you from having community with yourself or with a group. During the process of building community, the chaos provides stimulus for individuals to discover their barriers to community. The stage of emptiness provides a means of letting go of the barrier by talking about it, often in very authentic terms.

For more detailed information on the community building process, see the link below titled: Community Building Process. For additional information and a poem titled: Letting Go Takes Love, see CB Resources link below.

For a detailed description of the Scott Peck's four stages of Community Building and the process of Community Building, see this link (click)

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