Community Building Outcome
in Terms of Behavior Changes

NOTE: This listing is what has been experienced in some groups by some people attending a community building workshop. Specific outcome can not be predicted in advance and may vary from group to group.

Authenticity in behavior

Heightened creativity

Acceptance of self and others increases

Increase in moral judgment

Tolerance of ambiguity

Problems are surfaced and resolved

Better understanding of chaos (change) and how it is part of life

A "letting go" of unnecessary baggage collected along life's journey

Better overall communications

  • Better listener
  • Better speaker
  • Considers compassion more
  • Better and more effecient meeting where people think more before speaking
  • Decreased NEED to judge or criticize

Leadership become more empowerment rather than directive

Increased quality and productivity and creativity on the job

Awareness of self and group improves

Letting go of harmful ego states

Retention of good personal because the workplace is a better place to be

Feeling of belonging to the group and the world

Letting go of "shoulds" for others and self

Groups work together better

Renewed spirit in an organization

Revising the unwritten "norms" of a group for more health group behavior

Better attitude toward customers, therefore better retention of the customer

Empowerment to make dreams happen

Management gets a better view of the organization with positive knowledge for future changes

The unexpected gift !!!

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