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The purpose of this site is to provide resources to help enhance personal communications and Group Dynamics including small groups, special groups and community building.

Resources include many proven exercises that teach people experientially, how they relate to others. These are detailed "how to" procedures. In addition, there are discussions on group facilitation, stories, poems, --all to help understand group dynamics, large or small. All have been used many times in over 30 years of group facilitation.

Articles are being added to this site monthly from over 200 writings done over about 40 years. See Resources for 89 articles. These will be expanded in future.

This include information about group dynamics for the following:

  • small groups

  • support groups

  • men's groups

  • group workshops

  • church groups

  • ongoing community groups

  • group dynamics

  • what causes groups to fail

  • intentional community dynamics

  • facilitator training for group work, both small and large

  • leadership/facilitation resources

Hampton & Associates facilitated more than 1,000 groups in learning the art of personal communications, group dynamics and relationships. We have worked with thousands of people in 34 U.S. states and 15 countries. In all, we have reached about 100,000 people! We teach communication methods and personal awareness by using interactive processes. We also teach community building and small group facilitation skills and group dynamics. This site is our gift to the world of what we have learned through experience.

We would like to hear from you if this site has helped you in any way. Email "contact" below.

If you have questions about any communication or relationship issues or about how to create a sense of community, please write to the email address below.

Jerry Hampton, author of this website is now 83 years old. He retired from doing the Community Building workshops in 2010 because he had enough travel in his life. He continues to do small groups each week where he lives, as well as some consulting of small businesses. If you want to know more about Jerry's background, click here: Jerry L. Hampton

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